Our search firm is a collection of highly experienced people who came from the best search firms around, and share the vision that low volume, high touch executive search is the only way to deliver this important service.  We're the only specialists-only search firm around with a broad repertoire, at least that we know of.  The firm was born in San Francisco and operates mostly in the California venture scene, but we selectively take on public clients when we believe they're high quality situations and companies we intend to invest in.  We like to put our own money where are mouths are.  

The firm is small by design.  We're fewer than ten people.  Our core beliefs include:

--Look out for your Partners and employees as though they're family.  No one is hired into our firm without unanimous support.  We tolerate zero politics internally. 

--Our clients' interests are far more important than our own.

--We will deliver every single project with 100% fully customized methodology to close.  Every single situation is highly, highly specific and to think there's a magic methodology that fits them all is pure lunacy.

--We're proudly "gimmick free."  We aren't gonna sell you on something that sounds cool but is utterly irrelevant.

--We're composed of hungry, passionate, curious, competitive people who are deeply thankful for our clients, because they power our lives.  That's humbling!

--We're striving to be the only firm that's totally neutral from a gender standpoint.  We want to be equal and inclusive.