1. relating to or characteristic of an artisan.

    • (of a product) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.

We got our name because we are all obsessed with artisanal foods, cheeses, woodwork, rare bikes and motorcycles and anything else developed with a customer-first passion and great care. It's downright inspirational to watch an artisan at work, and to experience their delightful products and services. Because it's not about money or fame. Artisanal crafts people rarely get rich or famous...It's about doing something for the pure love of its quality and the integrity with which it's delivered. This is why we get out of bed in the morning (very early), charge all day long and pour our hearts and souls into our work...

We've designed our tiny, ultra high touch search firm to be the opposite of what clients and candidates don't like about the experiences of working with big search firms.  And given one of our Founders built a very big firm, and hired almost every Partner there, we think we know a thing or two about the topic...We are big fans of our competitors.  And we aren't going to say we're better.  We're just different.  Call us and find out why.  But don't expect us to speak negatively about anyone in the industry.  We'll spend the energy talking about how we deliver a delightful, lasting impression to everyone with whom we have the pleasure of interacting. 

We're NOT a good fit for searches where the client wants a spray and pray or high volume outreach approach.  If you want your search partners to "go native" on you and really think of themselves as an extension of YOU and YOUR dreams and goals, we are a good fit.  We spend inordinate energy on a smaller number of clients and when we're recruiting for them, we focus harder on a smaller number of very high quality, highly successful executives and don't "throw stuff at the wall to see what sticks".  We are proud to be called snobs in this regard.  We just don't want to spend any time on guessing whether someone can win or be successful and hoping for a miracle.  We study and hunt the very best target candidates deeply, listen very carefully to them and build winning strategies to close them.  Blindly calling high volumes of people without a coherent strategy as to why they should be targeted in the first place, or what it will take to close them, is not our approach...

In return for delivering great results, we will try and earn the right to invest our capital into your success and share in the outcome.  That's our mission.  To earn the right to participate in your success...You are NOT a transaction to us.  If we select you as a client and you select us back, we're into building a great company with you and we intend to "go native" on you to get that done.


Areas of Practice


--CPO/VP Product

--VP Eng




We have a venture platform called Artisanal Ventures.  If you think you'd be a strategic Limited Partner and want to invest with us into our best clients, let us know.  We're going to take up to $20M in outside capital to mix with our own capital.  If you're a startup that believes a bunch of epic and highly connected recruiters should be on your cap table, say the word or send us an investment memo/pitch.  Seed through mezzanine, b2b tech only.  Andy started this platform in late 2016, made two late stage secondary investments at great prices, both were highly successful IPO's; made 12 other key investments and another just filed its S-1 (household name startup).  We only want senior tech exec's as strategic LP's in this fund.  

Talent consulting

We have talent as a service (TaaS) as a key offering.  Contact Vinita Busse, practice lead, about this offering.  We offer this service to high growth startups and venture firms.

Saas, cloud, Security, Webapps, automation, digital health, and various Delightfully crazy but brilliant ideas....

We've all worked for literally hundreds of tech firms, from big public companies to startups and everything in between. All tech, all software, all b2b.  We are specialists with deep domain expertise and massive networks in this field. 


Though she be but little, she is fierce!”
— William Shakespeare

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