From Alex Gorelik, Founder and Chief Technical Officer:

"Andy has done an amazing job with our CEO search. He took the time to understand what we do and to meet the team, and was quickly able to pitch our opportunity as well (or better) than we could! He then proceeded to source exceptional candidates. Andy seems to know everyone and everyone seems to know and respect him. In all my experience of hiring CEOs and execs, I've never had a search where I liked every candidate and thought they were a strong fit. Some ended up being a better fit than others and, ultimately, we got the best candidate to accept the offer. Andy truly did an exceptional job. I can't recommend him strongly enough."


From Barmak Meftah, President and Chief Executive Officer:

"The connections, in depth knowledge of the overall technology industry and the full set of resources that Andy brings to the table are second to none.  I credit him with building our executive bench here at AlienVault, without which we would be nowhere near the level of success we have achieved.  As a board member, I have seen him source some of the best CEO candidates and as a CEO, I have seen him source one of the best executive teams.  He is one of the finest recruiters in our industry!"