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What We Do!


  1. relating to or characteristic of an artisan.

    • (of a product) made in a traditional or non-mechanized way.

We chose our name because we love artisanal everything--foods, cheeses, art, woodwork, rare bikes and motorcycles, cocktails and anything else developed with a customer-first passion and great care. It's inspirational to watch an artisan at work, and to experience their delightful products and services. Because it's not about money or fame or "critical mass." Artisanal crafts people rarely get rich or famous or think about becoming huge...It's about doing something for the pure love of its quality and the integrity with which it's built and delivered. How the customer experiences your work is the mission. This is why we get out of bed in the morning, charge all day long and pour our hearts and souls into this very difficult, intense business called executive recruiting…Simply put, we wanted to take an artisanal approach to building amazing leadership teams while re-inventing the way people experience executive search.

We've carefully designed our small, ultra high touch search firm to be the opposite of what clients and candidates don't like about working with search firms. We take on much smaller work loads and spend no time on internal politics or operations, outsourcing all back office functions so we can focus 100% of our time on clients.  We’re obsessive about delivering lasting impressions to everyone with whom we have the pleasure of interacting and drive for a thorough, deeper process by which our clients can talk to the best people and have the best chance of hiring them. Whether you are a client or someone we're hunting, you can guarantee that you will have our full attention and the conversations will be very content rich...This leads to great results, because there’s no wasted time and everyone can just focus on whether there’s a great match between target and client.

If you are a client, you will get a search partner who will “go native” on your company to understand your business and be in a position to bring the best possible candidates to the table by telling a compelling story (remember, you are not the only company searching for the ideal candidate so you need a partner who can cut through the noise!). Our Partners think of themselves as extensions of your company. We spend our time with a smaller number of clients so that we can spend all of energy delivering very high quality, highly successful executives. We study and hunt the best target candidates from the best companies, listen very carefully to them and build winning strategies to close them.

If you are a candidate or someone we're cultivating, you will have an open, direct dialogue with the search partner, personally, and not have to deal with layers of proxies and fly-by discussions. We believe in transparency and closing the loop, being absolutely transparent and hopefully building great, lasting relationships that both parties feel great about. You will never have a question about where things stand on a particular search, not be left in the dark, ignored or misled...That's our brand promise.

So clients, in return for delivering great results, we will try and earn the right to invest our capital into your company and share in the successful outcome.  That's our mission, ultimately. To earn the right to participate in your success...You are NOT a transaction to us. If we select you as a client and you select us back, we're 100% focused on helping you hire world-class executives to build a world-class company!

We are big fans of our competitors.  And we aren't going to say we're better.  We're just different. Call us and find out why.

“Though She Be But Small, She is Fierce!”
—William Shakespeare
— John Smith, Nature Conservancy Magazine

The details....

Areas of Practice






We have a venture platform called Artisanal Ventures.  If you think you'd be a strategic Limited Partner and want to invest with us into our best clients, let us know.  We're going to take up to $20M in outside capital to mix with our own capital.  If you're a startup that believes a bunch of epic and highly connected recruiters should be on your cap table, say the word or send us an investment memo/pitch.  Seed through mezzanine, b2b tech only.  Andy started this platform in late 2016, made two late stage secondary investments at great prices, both were highly successful IPO's; made 12 other key investments and another just filed its S-1 (household name startup).  We only want senior tech exec's as strategic LP's in this fund.  


We've all worked for literally hundreds of tech firms, from big public companies to startups and everything in between. All tech, all software, all b2b.  We are specialists with deep domain expertise and massive networks in this field.